Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where's the (internet) love

Maybe it's all the Big Giving love that's been flying around, but the internet just seems like a brighter place of late. It seems that everywhere I turn, there's someone else who wants to make someone's day and is using the interweb to do it. Here are a couple that I've come across. Remember, if you read and don't click, you're doing it wrong.

Tweet love to haters - I discovered it while listening to Triple J last week. Triple J morning radio presenter, Tom Ballard is both the youngest ever host of Triple J Weekday Breakfast, and openly gay; a sure-fire recipe for some serious online hate. And that's why Tom's started to #tweetlovetohaters. When the hate starts flying, Tom will send out a tweet like this one to his 7000+ followers...

... with the aim being to fight hate with love. Oh and guess what? It works, even to the extent where Tom's received apologies from haters who have been showered with love by the Twitter-verse.

Love Bombs Any blogger worth his customised layout will tell you that nothing has the power to brighten our day like logging in to Blogger (or Wordpress. whatever) to find that someone has left us a shiny comment on our latest post. The clever rabbits at ItStartsWith.Us were well aware of this, and thats why they started Drop a Love Bomb. Each week they put the call out to drop a love bomb on someone in the form of hundreds of comments to someone who could use the encouragement. Uh, hello! Where do I sign up?

I mean sign up to give comments. Sheesh.

Dares for Good -

Here's one for all you bloggers who just love to tag each other in your blog posts. TBG contributor and all round darling, Dori from Dori the Giant has started her own viral blogging campaign, Dares for Good. Dori says that she wanted to create tags for things that make a difference, and she's succeeded with dares such as donating to the Haiti appeal and turning off unused lights to help the environment.

We'll be seeing some serious action from our Givers in the coming weeks, but in the meantime remember, The Big Give is not a spectator sport, so get out there and do something!


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