Welcome to The Big Give: the internet's first ever random acts of kindness contest. We're challenging you to give like you mean it!

The rules are simple: Using $20 or less, spend the month of July plotting, executing, and documenting an incredible random act of kindness for someone. Turn in your results at the end of the month. A panel of four judges will review all the entries and choose the winners.

As if that's not enough, check out the prizes you could win! Present your personal Big Give in any creative way you can imagine, submit them to our judges, and these awesome goodies could be yours. Do whatever it is you're amazing at, make the world a better place, and win some sweet stuff! What are you waiting for? Sign up now.

Ultimately, TBG is all about changing culture. Help us remind the internet that there's nothing cooler than lavishing kindness simply because you can.

Join us as we celebrate In the spirit of “just because”. We are lucky enough to live in a world where a lot of rad people do a lot of good things regardless of the fact that they are rarely thanked for their efforts. Sometimes it’s just nice to make people smile. For all these reasons, we have created The Big Give.


AubreyRose @ My Simple Everyday said...

This is such an inspirational and awesome idea!!!

Paige said...

this is such a great idea yo.

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