The prize pack

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 First Place

The winner of the first ever TBG will score this amazing prize pack..

15 minutes in IM with a guru
The winner of a comp like this must be a pretty amazing person, and someone worth investing into well after this comp is done. With that in mind, we would like to offer the winner of TBG the opportunity to spend 15 minutes in IM, chatting with someone who is a guru in the field that they want to master, whether that's blogging, vlogging or getting their music out there using the internet.

The Blogger: Una LaMarche 
For those who want to master the sacred art of the blog.
Una LaMarche is a writer, editor, and karaoke enthusiast living in Brooklyn. She is the managing editor of The New York Observer and her writing has appeared in BlackBook, The Huffington Post, Strut, and LA Confidential, among other publications. When she's not trolling the internet for new Lost theories or bidding on old Sassy magazine issues on eBay, Una documents her life, pop culture obsessions, and occasional political rants on her blog, The Sassy Curmudgeon.

The Vlogger: Brittani Louise Taylor
For those soon-to-be superstars who are ready to take the vlogosphere.
Brittani Taylor is an actress/artist/crazed cupcake fanatic residing in sunny Los Angeles. When not creating online content, you can usually find me outdoors in the wilderness, or watching one of my favorite movies for the millionth time. She is also attracted to anything sparkly, doesn't like mean people, and spends way too much time in bookstores. You can check out her hilarious YouTube channel over here.

The Muso: Wade Johnston
For those interested in learning to use the internet to take the music world by storm.
Based out of Cincinatti, Ohio, Wade Johnston & The Navigators is a trio that is redefining acoustic rock. Wade, the ukulele-weilding frontman, is backed by the vocals of drummer Andy McClellan and his base playing drummer, Dave. Their distinct, harmony-driven music combines the unique sounds of instruments like ukulele and djembe with bass riffs that reminisce of lead guitar. With the release of their debut EP "On The Run" finally under their belts, the guys are now working on writing new material - which will all be posted as VideoSongs this summer on YouTube. Check them out at and

Artwork from New Zealand
This gorgeous original artwork is titled "Share The Love", and was done especially for this competition by New Zealand based artist, Finding Rabbit.

This is not a print, but the original artwork. The artwork is water colour and ink on thick, acid free cardstock. 5.83" x 8.27" (148mm x 210mm) 

Sokol the Softie
This adorably frightening softie, Sokol, was handmade by our very own Ella Unread. Sokol is about 30 cm tall and he is made of a sort of synthetic flannel. He is purple and he has eyes and teeth. He also bites and goes peepee...nah, he doesn't, but he is a very nice fellow who loves...hmm..well, he just loves existing

Evan Agee photography print

Indiana based photographer and website developer, Evan Agee, has donated this print, titled Centreville Space Shuttle. It comes printed on a 9"x12" wooden canvas. Check out more of Evan's work here.

Artwork by Brittani Louise Taylor
The lovely Brittani Louise Taylor has pledged an artwork she did for the HP You on You video. More info on this to come, but watch the video that features her at work. Artwork is 17"x14".

Red Letter Studio stationery pack
A stationery pack to the value of $40AUD from Melbourne-based stationery designed, Red Letter Studio. The pack contains four cards, a note pad and some gift tags.

Check out Red Letter Studio for more lovely handcrafted goodness:
Visit the Website
or the Blog
Shop at their Etsy or MadeIt stores.  

Found n Bound

More Australian handmade goodness. Melbourne-based creatives, Found n Bound are all about nostalgia, character and recycling. They use vintage hardcover books to produce one-of-a-kind journals. They've sent us this awesome journal. worth $25AUD.

Check out more Found n Bound:
Shop at their Etsy
or their MadeIt
and check out their website 

Fabric Necklace by Ganbayo

This stunning necklace from Greek jewellery designer, Ganbayo, is made from cotton fabric, with a silver chain. Worth $18USD. Check out Ganbayo at their Etsy.

Lover's in a Dangerous Time is a deliciously poignant Indie film out of Kris' hometown of Creston B.C.  This very cool t-shirt is hand-drawn by the lead actress, who also plays an artist in the film.  It is cotton and sized at medium, so will fit a small to average male, and most female sizes.  The logo (pictured below) is screened onto the front of the tee.

Not only that but Mark and May, who play the two lead characters as well as having directed the film, have donated one of the film's beautiful posters for our lucky first place winner.  Signed, of course.  Here's an example of what the poster looks like.

Second Place

The Big Giver who takes second place will score these goodies.

A branding consultation with graphic designer, Emily Jane.
Score a branding consultation with graphic designer, Emily Jane, for your blog, Youtube channel, Etsy store, Myspace (remember Myspace?), or website. More info to come on exactly what this will entail.

Emily Jane works in Marketing and Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is also a freelance graphic designer, writer, and blogger, and has extensive experience in design and advertising. You can check out Emily Jane's online portfolio here, or visit her blog over here.

Wit and Whistle

The generous folk at cheeky greeting card studio, Wit and Whistle, have generously given us a selection of their goods to the value of $30USD, including a set of 6 greeting cards, and 4 "Meanie" greeting cards. Check out more at their Etsy store, here.

Third Place

Third place will score this sweet little package in the mail...
Little House of Limes

Australian Little house of limes is all about unique, hand designed greeeting cards and stationary made from recycled materials that make you want to sing, dance, scribble and give. We have a stationery pack from Little House of Limes valued at $46.95. It consists of a writting set, three cards and three tags.
Check out Little House of Limes here, or visit their MadeIt store here.

The third place winner will also walk away with an awesome music pack!  Full of international gems this collection is sure to thrill you with brand-new discoveries!  It will include (but is not limited to!)...

Luca Makonia- These guys are certainly one of the coolest punk-rock bands you'll ever own.  They have donated not one but two c.d.s and a dvd of them playing live.  Their name links to their PureVolume where I'm sure you'll get addicted to their up-beats and catchy licks... In Spanish.  They are a growing phenomenon in Northern Argentina, and for good reason.

Stonehouse25- These guys are an awesome Christian band from a small town in B.C. Canada.  Best described as uplifting rock, they have donated their debut c.d. which will certainly make your day better.  Solid drum-beats and a really strong guitar performance will leave you wishing for more tracks.  Give their MySpace a listen.

FDX- We are so proud to bring you this guy.  If you are appreciate hip-hop at all you must... must head to his Reverbnation and check out his sound.  He's a Jamaican from Albany NY, and that probably won't surprise you as you bob your head to his mad sound.  You'll wonder why you haven't heard of him before.  Or, have you?  You'll definitely be the better for knowing who he is.

Assault City- Here we have some pretty happening rockers from Sydney Australia.  A bit of an indie group (which, how can you be cooler?) they can be described as progressive alternative.  Full of great licks and mildly angsty vocals there well worth discovering.  Be sure to visit the Myspace for a glimpse of their well-written tunes.

Symms- Just in case you're really liking the Spanish punk, we'll hook you up with something even more hardcore.  Also hailing from Argentina, these guys get their point across through their heavy but listenable tracks.  Don't believe me?  That also links to their PureVolume.  Always a great source.


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