The Givers

11 people, each competing to outgive the others. Who will take the title of The Biggest Giver?



This practical nurse and aspiring hippy has a zest for life that is perceived by her as passionate, and by others as moodiness or a source of hilarity. She is a life student of midwifery, an idealistic dreamer of community, and a companion of her back-pack. Megan spends her spare time cooking ethnic food, talking to God, hanging out with friends, playing soccer, singing, growing things, and planning her next adventure.


Brandi is a blogger from Vancouver, British Columbia who writes about her adventures, or rather misadventures, in love, school, cupcakes and her delightful obsession with rollerskating. Outside of blogging she is a full time nursing student and part time collector of bows and other things properly doll-like. In trying to balance her real life with the time she spends in her head, she tells some fun stories and adds some randomness to the idea of random acts of kindness.

Brandi blogs at Diary of a Doll
Seán is a pretty normal 25 year old guy.He lives in Galway in the west of Ireland and likes listens to a lot of Hiphop. His blog doesn't have a theme and he just writes about whatever is happening in his life at the time.From misadventures of the heart to surgery, the flutter you get in the lead up to first date and going cliff jumping in a quarry with friends, it's all in there.
Seán blogs at Three Rounds and a Sound...
Jami is 24, blonde, but a little on the bright side, with an infallible hope for the future marred by her relentless laziness that makes her wish that she was in Mexico about 90 percent of the time. She's currently a politico working in Olympia, Washington, which leaves her a little bored. She spends a lot of her time daydreaming and she thinks the world would be a much better place if everyone listened to The Beatles and followed their mantra, "And in the end, love you take is equal to the love you make."
Jami blogs at Jami's Trashcan.
Cassie Boorn began blogging in 2008 as a way to throw her thoughts out into the world. What started out as a small project turned into a whole new adventure. In 2010 she began a project asking women to write letters to their 20-something self. This project made the New York and helped to collect over fifty letters from around the country. Cassie is a philosophy student at a small college in the mid-west. She is the mother to a beautiful little boy (Aiden). And she works as a social media coordinator at DeVries Public Relations. In her spare time she eats and sleeps.
Cassie blogs over here.
Ebony blogs at Ebony Lives a Little

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Kim blogs at The Zany Housewife