The Judging Panel

Entries to The Big Give will be judged in four areas; creativity, resourcefulness, presentation and impact. First, second and third place winners will be announced on the 2nd of August. They will be selected by a judging panel of four judges...

Lauren is a musician, a writer, and a film geek all rolled into one. Residing in the Pacific Northwest, Lauren spends most of her free time blogging, playing the keytar, and drinking obscene amounts of coffee. She is the proud owner of a red toaster and aspires to someday make toast without burning it.

Lauren blogs at The Musical Advice Column.

Benny grew up in Albany, NY. It's basically New York City's diminutive mutant uncle. He now lives in New York City. He is usually the only subway rider who gives change to bums. Somehow, he manages to not become one of the bums himself.

Benny blogs at Young Urban Amateur.

Peter DeWolf is a 30-something Canadian. he has been blogging since THE BEGINNING OF TIME. He writes bad poetry and letters to his future wife. (She's not reading.)
He enjoys:
 - short walks on moon-less nights
 - the cinema of Mr. Rob Schneider
 - songs about rainbows
but mostly he likes people who do good things for others. He loves this project and feels honoured to be involved. Peter blogs over here.

Kellie is 21 years old and spend most of her time acting like an 8 year old. She enjoy reading, and buying skirts that fly up when she spin. In the summer she likes to spend the majority of her time outside, even if it means sweating to death. Kellie is an animal lover, a movie fanatic, and people being nice to other people is the fastest way to get a smile on her face... besides tickling her.

Kellie blogs at Kelleidoscope


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