Saturday, June 12, 2010

TBG Coaching Sessions, part 1: Find Your Inspiration

We thought it would be a great idea to give you an advantage some inspiring examples. Watch this blog over the next couple weeks for a five post series touching on all the different topics related to your Big Give. Today...

Who Inspires You?

When you first thought of giving, who popped into your mind? We tell you to "choose someone who you appreciate." Hard to narrow it down, isn't it? Let me give you some examples.

Think about the people in your personal life. It might be someone obvious who may have given so much to you. Your Mom, say. Or maybe it's the quiet co-worker who probably thinks that no-one notices that she always has the coffee going in the morning. What about someone you haven't connected with in too long? How about looking up your high school sidekick on Facebook and finally finding a way to thank her for the times she stood up for you?

Another option is the aspiring folks in your community. There are total strangers who probably have a deep impact on your life, or the lives of others. By this I mean volunteers and public service employees. Maybe your Grandma is in a nursing home, and the staff there do an amazing job of keeping her comfortable, and going out of their way to do their job. Think outside the box. Did you have a high school teacher who taught you to love her subject? What about fire fighters, soup kitchen staff, ect?

My final example isn't quite so personal, but maybe it's something that's close to your heart. We're going to look a little bigger here. What about an organization that means a lot to you? Possibly you want to focus your efforts into a cause you really believe in. This means throwing your give at an issue that inspires you. Ending world hunger through sending a food package to a charity you care about. Or raising awareness for the aids epidemic in Africa. And, you know what, maybe it can be personal too. Let's say you have a friend struggling with cancer, and you want to raise funds to help obliterate the disease all together.

Everything you do counts. This is your chance to ask who really calls your attention, and give it your all. Mostly I just want you to take a minute to ask yourself, "Who do I really want to give to?" Begin by answering that question and I can guarentee your give give will be a benefit, not only to them, but to you.


Holly Renee said...

This is such a great question. For me, I feel like there are just too many people to choose from. I believe I have narrowed it down to: my awesome neighbor, Mother's Against Drunk Driving, and my yoga teacher/counselor. Now I just have to pick out of those three. Whew, what a grueling process ;-)

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