Sunday, June 13, 2010

Small things

This post is an ode to small things and the power of a thoughtful gesture to turn someone's day around. I'd love to read and share your stories. If you've been surprised by a simple gesture, or if you've been inspired by TBG to make someone's day, let me know. Email


My friends have impeccable timing. They seem to know exactly what it will take to make me smile, and they always seem to nail it right when I'm in need of some serious TLC.

Jealous? You should be. I am one very lucky girl. Case in point...

I was having a not so great week, when I got to work one morning and found Kurt from Glee waiting in my office.

For those who are planning their own Big Gives, the best place to start your scheming is with a solid knowledge of your givee. My Kurt standee was from Friday's contributor to the TBG blog, the luminous Cat, who knew that nothing would make this Gleeks day like a cardboard cutout of Kurt Hummel in his Single Ladies outfit to keep her company.

PLEASE NOTE: TBG is not a spectator sport. This post is intended to spark something bigger.
Read. Think. Discuss. Act.


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