Saturday, June 19, 2010

TBG Coaching Sessions Part 3, How Far Can You Make $20 Stretch?

So you've read parts one and two.  You know how to choose your inspiration and you know how to work with your abilities.  Now there's that little issue of the budget.  In part three I'll help you out with that.

What can you buy with twenty dollars?  You could take someone out for dinner, maybe.  At least if they're interested in McDonalds.  Not something we recommend to up your global-awareness cred.  Here's how to think above and beyond in three simple steps.

1.)  Fundraising.  This is an option we don't want you to overlook.  It could be as simple as buying bulk candy and reselling it in the staff room.  But think a bit farther.  What about hand making some of your famous cookies and offering them for sale?  Here you're investing your skills in exchange for saving some of your budget and still expanding it.  You could see that twenty dollars double, triple, or beyond.  Just remember, for the challenge, to fund raise with ethics.  Find a way to take people's cold hard cash from them without making them bitter about it.  In short, offer them something in exchange.

2.)  Be sure to use what you have.  Yes, I mean your mad skills.  However, I'm also all about utilizing your physical resources.  Maybe you want to advertise those staff room cookies in a catchy way.  You could, of course, spend five bucks on glossy construction paper, glitter and rhinestones.  Or you could dig into the depths of your art supplies and find some excellent and useful leftover from your third grade art project.  Feel free to use what you have around the house.  Reduce Reuse and Recycle.  

3.)  Use that imagination.  Even if you don't grow your twenty dollars there are lots of ways you can focus it in your give.  Watch your neighbor's kids.  Take your little brother and his friends hiking.  Then turn that bigger.  Give the parents a movie night, or the mothers afternoon tea.  Both of these are tiny cheap little ideas with big payoffs I guarantee our judges will love.

So, maybe twenty dollars won't buy a lot.  But it can create a great deal.


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