Thursday, June 17, 2010


It started out as a rant about her obsession love for Twilight and all things Twilight. Krysten, a fellow blogger, talked about how, since losing her job, she and her husband are getting by but there is no money to spend on ‘fun’ stuff! Every girl can relate to wanting to buy ‘fun’ stuff even if it’s just a new color nail polish or a latte, so I suggested she start a PayPal account to take donations towards her obsession and that I’d gladly throw a few bucks her way. Shortly after, there were several bloggers suggesting the same, not to mention many bloggers offering to buy her the books, DVD’s and movie tickets that she was missing. A little while later she had a “Donate” button up on her blog! I followed through with my promise and donated $5.00 towards her obsession. Thinking that was the end of it, I went about my day.

A few days later she posted suggesting that she was not going to be using the donations towards Twilight stuff, but something more…

Another few days later Krysten posted about turning the “Donate” button into a monthly charity feature; on the first of every month she would post about the ‘featured charity’, tell us a little bit about it and for the entire month all money donated would be given to said charity. Her dream is to be able to match donations once she is out of financial hardship. That’s amazing!

It’s amazing to me the community that goes into blogging… and I love that even though Krysten wasn’t asking for anything, she was offered more than she expected; true kindness. My donation was meant to help-a-sista-out and now is being turned into something above and beyond my own dreams! Even if Krysten can’t match every donation, I’m inspired to now make a monthly donation as often as I can, knowing that each month a different charity will benefit from it!

Ang is an amateur blogger and dreams of a life as a professional photographer. From Minneapolis, MN she loves her Minnesota sports teams, her friends and her life! Exploring life as someone in her late 20’s, she’s pretty confident in the person she’s become! She’s very excited to see how far The Big Give can go!


You can learn more about Krysten's "Charity of the Month" project, and donate at her blog, After "I Do".
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kisekae said...

Wow, that is such a great idea! I love seeing such amazing things come out of a small gesture.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I totally didn't even realize you posted this! You're such a sweetie, seriously. I'm so excited to start the charity part of After 'I Do'. Now I just need to figure out which charity to start with - there are way too many!

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