Saturday, June 26, 2010

TBG Coaching Session Part 5, Presentation

Welcome to part five of TBG Coaching Sessions. We're looking at the final step, and how you should bear this in mind throughout your give. Take a look at some of the points worth remembering for presentation.

There's one point left for consideration. Maybe you've initiated world peace, made your mom cry tears of happiness, and single handedly saved baby pandas from extinction. We're impressed. Or, we should be. You still have to convince us of this.

How are you going to present your Big Give for judging? You are limited, in one sense, in that it must be presented through a medium that can be sent online. But let's consider this, you want to do a skit? Film it. You have a series of interviews? Record them. Take photos of your art... There's not much that can't be captured within writing, film, and photos. Bear these points in mind.

1.) Think about presentation throughout your project. A photo journal won't do much good if you've failed to document your give in any way. Remember to keep note from the planning stages throughout the outcomes. We want to see how your give grows.

2.) Be creative and visual. Think about this, we recieve one e-mail. It says "I raised $200 through selling my cooking and donated it to charity." In the other recieve an interactive video with colour and dialouge. It introduces us to yourself, and we get to see you selling your jam at a farmer's market. We get to see your smile, and the excitement as you present $200 to your local food bank. A clear choice, I think.

Also, remember, our judges are talented bloggers. They're passionate, artistic, young, musical, and positive. They know the power of writing. I can guarantee you they will appreciate a strong imagination and a presentation that sufficiently appeals to their senses.

3.) Show us all sides of your give. Get excited and show us your passion. If your watching somebody's kids tell us about how the kids had a great time as well as the parents. Take those kids around collecting bottles, and you can tell us about how you also helped save the environment and donated the recycling money to filling a shoebox to mail off at Christmas. Whatever it is, if you're willing to get involved you clearly clear about the cause.

There you have it. We're not asking for a Tony winning documentary, or art gallary photography. We just want a clear, concise, and contageous idea of what you're about. Communicate this to our judges and your chances improve. Give like you mean it, but nothing wrong with lusting over the prize pack just a little bit.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I gave you an award for this blog "The Big Give". It's my way of appreciating this wonderful project of yours Kris, Mel and Ella.

Mel said...

YAY!! Thanks Mish. You're the sweetest.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Mel! I really love how you inspire people to do kindness even in the simplest way.

Btw, heres the link of the award.

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