Sunday, June 27, 2010

Three Questions with Stella from Ganbayo

Stella is one of the generous bunnies who has contributed to our prize pack. We asked her to answer three questions so we could get to know her a little better.


1) What's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for you?

I can't think of any specific thing, but I feel lucky enough to have people near me, who love me and care for me. What can be nicer than that?

2) If you could makes someone's day, what would you do?

the first thing that comes to my mind is taking care a homeless person. I would like to give him or her the opportunity to have a home, to eat homemade food and have a hot bath. I wish this could be true and not only for a day.

3) Tell us about the necklace you've given to the TBG prize pack.

This necklace is one of my favorites creations. I love the soft fabric, the circles and this blue color! Since I was a child I've been observing my grand mother and mother creating traditional cypriot knitwear.These women have inspired me to put my own creativity into use. My intention is to express myself through my jewellery with the hope that a part of my sunny disposition will reach the people who own them!

Ganbayo aka Stella was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. She is 24 years old and is studying agricultural biotechnology. Stella lives in a small flat in the center of Athens. She has always loved creating things, but first decided to open her own etsy shop in 2010. You can visit her store at

Get to know her at her Flickr page:

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Now it's your turn. Comment us your own answers to our Three Questions:
1) What's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for you?
2) If you could make someone's day, what would you do?
3) In the next 24 hours, what are you going to do to make someone smile?


Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore the idea of being inspired by the creativity of your mother and grandmother- the linking of generations and handing down a special smidgen of creativity and talent that you get to add your own twist to: how beautiful!

I'm especially jealous that someone gets to win this gorgeous necklace! It's one of my favourite colours and looks like it would look absolutely fabulous!

Thank you, Stella! <3

Mel said...

The necklace is soooo cute. It's sitting on my desk at work and, if you can believe it, it's even more lovely IRL.

ganbayo said...

oh, thank you so much! :))

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