Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TBG Coaching Sessions, part 2: Use What You've Got

Here it is. Part deux of the coaching series written especially for those who are planning on competing in TBG. You can check out part one of the series over here.

And if you haven't already, don't forget to register for TBG. We all love to do nice things for the people in our lives, but how often do we get the chance to win prizes for it?

You've chosen the recipient of your Give and now it's time to start planning. You have big dreams of going all out to make your Givee's day, but there's one thing standing in your way...

The budget.

When planning your Give, remember that although your starting budget is US$20, we never said the value of your Give needed to be limited to that. With just US$20 to work with, it's time to start thinking outside the square. And remember, resourcefulness and creativity will both be considered in your entry.

With this in mind, it might help to ask yourself three questions when planning your Give:

1. What do you have? Look around you. What do you already have at hand which could be used? Remember, every dollar you don't spend is a dollar you have to spend on something else. Er... yeah.. you know what I mean.

2. What can you do? That philanthropic knitting-spree you've been dreaming up is sure to melt some hearts in theory, but the fact that you've never picked up a set of knitting needles in your life may be a problem.

Make the most of your skills and talents, whether you feel most at home in the kitchen, on the sporting field or under the hood of a car, there's bound to be a million ways you can use your passion to make someone's day.

3. Who do you know? Making the most of what you have is one thing, but if you can get the right people on board, you could potentially have a whole world of resources and talents open up to you. Think about the people in your life. Is there anyone who might feel as appreciative of your givee as you are? Perhaps the best use of your $20 could be taking someone out for coffee and sharing your vision with them.

Happy Giving!


Ella Unread said...

I like this Mel, it really clarifies or kinda guides people towards the goal of TBG...You said it, it's important to do something one feels comfortable doing, it's good to squeeze a passion, lol, I agree :) very helpful!

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